“Manila” is available now!

Bad Singer’s newest album, “Manila,” is now available in his official Soundcloud page! Yesterday, 24 June, Bad Singer unveiled Manila’s track-listing, which includes the following songs:

  1. L.A. is My Lady
  2. One for My Baby
  3. For Once in My Life.

All songs are available for streaming worldwide starting today, 25 June. Bad Singer also released a music video for the carrier single, L.A. is My Lady through his official YouTube page.

“Manila reminds you of a moment in your life when you realized you belong in a city that has a soul,” Bad Singer on his new album. He adds, “it reminds me of how I saw and started to appreciate Manila.”

“Manila” is described by many as a swing and jazz album. Go to Bad Singer’s Soundcloud page now and listen.


“L.A. is My Lady” is Bad Singer’s upcoming single

Bad Singer is all set to release his new album, “Manila”, with the lead single, “L.A. is My Lady!” The swing-y and upbeat classic defines the Manila that is full of fun and youth.

On the song, Bad Singer comments, “when I first heard the song, I knew exactly how I wanted my next album would be like. L.A. is My Lady reminds me of a Manila that is full of life at night.”

Catch “L.A. is My Lady” on June 25 at his official Soundcloud page.